• Product roadmap expansion. 6 Axis Product in final stages of development & prototyping

  • Established robust Supply Chain with India based world-class component manufacturers for sustained production

  • Shipped first 4 Axis Product for Electrochemical Machining Application


  • Design & Development of 4 degree of freedom Industrial Robot with parallel arms

  • US Patent for hybrid (serial-parallel) kinematic linkage that enables a low weight-payload ratio design at an affordable price point

  • Base technology platform developed with innovations and patents to reduce cost and improve affordability

    Express Mastering using motion Sensing, Android App for control and programming, IoT for remote monitoring, Hybrid Serial Mechanism for reduced power consumption

  • Equity investment received from Accel Partners, Blume Ventures and Individual Investors led by Nandan Nilekani and Pradeep Singh


  • Focus shifts to developing robotic arms for industrial automation, leveraging the components and technologies developed over the preceding years

  • Led the Low Cost Flexible Automation Initiative, a consortium of five automotive sector companies, two academic institutions and two Small & Medium high technology companies for the development of low cost flexible automation

  • Animatronics Doll developed for amusement park animation of mythological stories

    The animated doll (4.5 feet tall) has 22 movements driven by pneumatic cylinders and air muscles for limb motions. Shape memory alloy actuator for eye & head motions, network integrated with choreography software.

  • Fully finished and Improvised Variant of the First Gen Robot

  • Distributed Motion Control

    Distributed controller architecture with linear scaling capability by localizing intelligence to the actuator and networking multiple axis controllers into a flexible n-axis system.


  • First Gen Pick and Place SCARA Robot developed with state of art features like distributed control, internal harness, appliance level integration

  • Walking Machine
    Department of Atomic Energy, Kalapakkam

    4-legged walking robot for inspection of heat exchanger tubes. The walking robot can be deployed through a port hole on to the tube sheet.

  • Underwater Robotic Arm 
    National Institute of Ocean Technology, Madras

    Development of an underwater manipulator arm. The five degree of freedom arm is designed to work at depths up to 250 m and is mounted on to a underwater vehicle developed at CMERI, Durgapur


  • Auto Ladle Robotic Arm
    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

    Auto Ladle Robotic Arm to scoop molten aluminium from a crucible, meter it to a desired quantity and pour it into a die cavity for pressure casting.

  • Press-feeding Robot 
    Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bangalore

    Press-feeding robot for embossing meter discs. A system for fully automated feeding of a 160 Ton press.

  • Gantry-Style Robot 
    QDOS Microcircuits, Malaysia

    Design of a gantry-style robot for automating electroplating lines. The client is a high-volume production house for flexible printed circuit boards.

  • High performance servo motion controller for robots 
    Advanced Cybernetics Group, USA

    Digital Signal Processor centered controller card with modular design for high performance control of robotic joints.


  • Shipped first robotics system

  • Automated Handling System 
    Grindwell Norton, Bangalore

    Automated handling systems used in processes for the manufacture of coated abrasive discs, grinding wheels etc.

  • Pick and Place Robot 
    Titan Industries, Hosur

    Press-feeding robot for embossing meter discs. A system for fully automated feeding of a 160 Ton press.

  • Founded with focus on developing Custom Robotics Solutions