Asystr 600

Possible Applications

Machine Tending

Machine tending refers to overseeing a machine while it performs a job, as well as the process of feeding parts in and out.

Machine tending can be dull and dangerous work that requires a high level of consistency. The Asystr 600 is well-suited for this type of work. They tend to all kinds of machines from presses and shears to injection moulding machine.

This keeps workers safe from the tedious, injury-inducing jobs, raising safety levels in facilities.

Pick n Place

Robotic pick and place automation speed up the process of picking parts up and placing them in new locations, increasing production rates. The robots can be easily programmed and tooled to provide multiple applications if required.


Dispensing involves pouring liquid/sealant along the contours of an object using the robot. This provides for accuracy and reliability when compared to manual dispensing. The Asystr 600 has the ability to perform this application with great accuracy.


Industrial palletizing refers to loading and unloading parts, boxes or other items to or from pallets. Automated palletizing refers to an industrial robot palletizer performing the application automatically. Palletizing can be seen in many industries including food processing, manufacturing, and shipping.

Screw Fastening

Automate the fastening of screw heads into various objects across industries. With the Asystr 600, improve efficiency, productivity and achieve zero rejection rates as compared to manual screw fastening.