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Systemantics offers engineering services to select, conceptualize, design and deliver integrated custom solutions including robotic arms and kinematic mechanisms for automation, electronics for motion and motor control, related embedded and application software, and development of algorithms for motion planning and control for robotic platforms.


  • Custom robotic arms
  • Integrated signal and power electronics
  • Custom integrated software
  • Customized grippers
  • Force/torque sensors for collaboration/assembly
  • Robot Selection for best fit to application
  • Robot Programming & Simulation
  • Cell Layout Design & Review


Design for functionality

  • Requirements analysis overview
  • Generation of system level concepts to fulfil requirements
  • Selection of COTS and components to be designed
  • Architecture Developement
  • Review of cross-functional (electronics etc.) interfaces
  • 3D CAD models for visualization, simulation and review
  • BOM preparation and costing analysis

Design for Manufacturing

  • Assembly level manufacturing review
  • Tolerance stack up analysis for critical assemblies
  • Selection of COTS and components to be designed
  • Component level manufacturing process flow charts
  • 2D engineering drawings and inspection templates
  • Jigs and fixtures for assembly and testing

Analysis & Optimization

  • Static, Stress, Shock, Vibration & Thermal analysis
  • Kinematics, mechanisms and multi-body dynamics
  • Motion planning and controls
  • Optimizing stiffness to weight trade-off of load bearing elements
  • Optimizing assemblies for service and maintenance
  • Optimizing tooling and manufacturing costs


Design for functionality

  • Feature analysis and specification review
  • Target BoM matrix for Cost/Reliability/Longevity
  • Defining Optimization vs Performance criteria
  • Architecture Development
  • Core component selection, evaluation and circuit design
  • Power & Signal Integrity analysis
  • Test plan and testability

PCB layout design

  • Schematic Capture & Verification
  • PCB Design & Verification
  • Design for Manufacturing & Design for Testing Analysis
  • Gerber Generation & Verification
  • DFM/DFT guidelines

Prototype for V&V

  • Test Plan generation for EMI, EMC & Environmental Test
  • Pre-compliance test for EMI, EMC, Vibration, Ingress Protection
  • Verification/Validation: Black box, White box, Script based regression
  • Certifications support: CE, FCC, IEC, ISO, Ex


Embedded firmware

  • Real Time Operating System (RTOS) support
  • FreeRTOS/TI SysBIOS/Linux RT
  • C, C++
  • Coordinated multi-axis motion planning and synchronization

Development Cycle

  • UML Diagramming
  • GIT Version Control
  • Unit, harness and regression testing
  • Static code analysis

Application Software

  • User experience centric
  • Multi-modal – smart phone/tablet, browser
  • Android Material Design UI for smart tablet
  • Angular Material Design UI for browser
  • Model-View-Controller paradigm
  • Java, C, C++, Python, typeScript, javaScript


Our Services


Multi-Stage Development Process

Systemantics follows a stage gate development process in its design and development cycle. The process emphasizes engagement with the customer, transparency and traceability at all stages.

Why Systemantics

Our service drives business outcomes in product development, manufacturing, process automation and plant automation

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Where our services have made a difference

Animatronics Doll

Demonstrator doll intended for theme park rides with PC-based integrated choreography software delivered in less than 8 months

Underwater Robotic Arm

Robotic arm on a Remotely Operated Vehicle to operate at up to 100m deep ocean beds. Unit designed, developed, produced and exhibited at International Expo.

Force Sensing Gripper

Custom gripper with integrated part handling and a lightweight, low cost force sensor for proof load testing

Hybrid Industrial Robot

A unique, easy to use industrial robot for pick and place applications that combines the large working volume of a serial link arm with fast cycle times and low power consumption of parallel link arms