Sensible Robotics.

We drive business outcomes in product development, manufacturing, process automation and plant automation

At Systemantics, innovation drives business outcomes. From helping robot users to solve key engineering and automation problems to helping robot makers go-to-market faster, we have created value for our clients.

'Teaming' with Success

Ability to scale success with the team

At Systemantics, we have access to some of the best Robotics talent.

Hiring Brand

Often perceived as a place to gain cutting-edge work experience, our hiring brand has steadfastly attracted graduates and post graduates from top engineering schools and industry. To sustain a steady stream of talent, Systemantics actively runs industrial experience and  internship programs, often converting to full-time employment

Scaling Up

Our India robotics-related network has developed over 3 decades engaging Academia, Research, and Industry. In addition, we have a strong and robust alumni network that values its association with Systemantics. The ecosystem enables an expert pool in Robotics on-demand.


Our employee value proposition enables our engineers to enjoy the scope and responsibility of work, while providing them with the opportunity to accelerate learning and grow professionally. With an above average compensation and benefits in the mix, our retention rates are much higher than the industry average

Our Value Proposition In Action

Animatronics Doll

Demonstrator doll intended for theme park rides with PC-based integrated choreography software delivered in less than 8 months

Underwater Robotic Arm

Robotic arm on a Remotely Operated Vehicle to operate at up to 100m deep ocean beds. Unit designed, developed, produced and exhibited at International Expo.

Force Sensing Gripper

Custom gripper with integrated part handling and a lightweight, low cost force sensor for proof load testing

Hybrid Industrial Robot

A unique, easy to use industrial robot for pick and place applications that combines the large working volume of a serial link arm with fast cycle times and low power consumption of parallel link arms