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Sensible Robotics

Graphical Interface for Teaching
  • Ease of teaching the robot Native Android Application with 7” tab UX crafted for shopfloor operators

  • Lesser time training personnel

Collision Detection
  • Auto-Detect impeding objects

  • Sensor based technology

  • Ready for human-robot collaboration

  • Safety feature for user

Start-Stop Pendant
  • Start/Stop cycle

  • Emergency Control Safety Mechanism

  • Easy to use pendant

Simplified Cable Harness
  • Reduced and simplified wiring in the robot due a distributed control architecture

  • Lower probability of wiring failure increases overall reliability

Remote Monitoring
  • Get real-time relevant data from Robot including cycle information, cycle times, production rate, robot health

  • Remote issue diagnosis, resolution and preventive maintenance

Cycle Continuity Assurance
  • Resume cycle in case of power cuts

  • Faster recovery to points

  • Reduced cost with functionality of an absolute encoder at the price of incremental encoder

Power Optimization
  • Better distributed payloads

  • Optimized size of motors

  • Lower power consumption

Quick Maintenance & Support
  • Made in India – Design & Manufacture

  • World Class Supply Chain

  • Most responsive support service in India

  • Shortened lead times to delivery

  • Remote Diagnosis & Support

Current thought

Systemantics, Staying Ahead of the Curve

Robotics in itself carries a pedigree unparalleled to other products when it comes to implementing and integrating the latest technology. I guess with the advent of newer technology, seems like every single product wants a taste of it in their space. A classic example...

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