Affordable, portable & lightweight Cobots that are tailor made for research and learning

Create a foundation for accurate information-gathering and analysis, to develop new technologies. Get access to internals, build custom applications and get to your research goals. Our compact, lightweight, cost effective cobots enable safer teaching environments with great learning experiences. Making it easy for lab technicians and students to operate the cobot.
  • Linux based System controller platform
  • ROS2 compatible
  • Compact, lightweight & portable
  • Android based user interface for ease of learning

Flexible and easy adoption for educational institutions

Systemantics introduces a comprehensive ‘out-of-the-box’ Cobot training cell setup designed specifically for educational institutions

Lightweight and portable

Affordable and easy to maintain

Program as many cycles as needed with the flexibility of 6 DoF and graphical user programming interface

Additional Digital Inputs and Outputs for integrating new sensors

In-built safety system making it secure to work with for students and staff alike

Low maintenance requirement

Industry 4.0 ready

Learn True Industry Applications

Looking for a complete lab setup for your institution?

Watch innovation in action with the ASYSTR Cobots

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