Sharpening the competitive edge in every industry

The ASYSTR Cobots are opening up new possibilities to provide safe & collaborative workspaces for humans and robots, taking on new types of tasks, increasing product quality, maximizing productivity and saving costs through flexible automation.

Automotive & Industrial

CNC machine tending remains a popular application for Auto component manufacturers

Ecommerce & Retail

Material handling and palletizing with Cobots in warehouse applications is the new normal
Mounting on a mobile platform for pick and place; pick/place from a conveyor into sorted bins

Academic & Research

Creating Robotics Labs to train and upskill students for better employment opportunities; and for advanced academic research work


Automating labs to improve throughput, repeatability, and reproducibility


Light weight robots work effectively for applications such as soldering, inspection in the electronics industry

Food & Beverage

Automating preparation and dispensing in a kiosk or kitchen

One Platform, Many Applications

Watch innovation in action with the ASYSTR Cobots

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