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The ASYSTR series is a portfolio of 6 axis industrial robotic arms by Systemantics. Built on the principles of Sensible Robotics, it  leverages patented design innovation. The ASYSTR is a single platform that allows for easy configuration to fit multiple applications such asCNC Machine Tending, Handling Operations, Inspection, Dispensing, Palletizing. The ASYSTR portfolio of robots refactors proven technology components into scalable models. Each product in the family can be further customized in reach and payload to facilitate integration into OEM solutions with nominal configuration revisions.

Sensible Robotics in Systemantics Products

Sensible robotics is the new paradigm for Industrial Robotics. It is an approach to design and manufacture that lowers key adoption barriers for the shop floor. By driving innovations to reduce cost and complexity, and make the robot affordable and easy to use, Sensible Robotics delivers a faster ROI and a robot that is future-ready.

Faster ROI

Significantly lower capital cost compared to serial link arms
Lower running costs due to optimized power consumption
Lower cost owing to optimized design and manufacture in India

Graphical Interface on Teach Pendant

Allows for ease in teaching the robot using an Android 7” tablet as Teach pendant.
Graphical User Experience crafted to ensure quick learning for shop floor operators.
No specialized programming skills required.

Payload /Reach Configurability

The arm can be easily customized to adjust its reach to optimize use with much lower impact on its payload

Quick Maintenance & Support

Made in India – Design & Manufacture with World Class Supply Chain
Most responsive support service in India
Shortened lead times to delivery
Remote Diagnosis & Support

Hybrid Linkage Design

Patented design that offers significant advantages over a conventional serial link arm of equivalent payload and reach
Benefits of flexibility, robustness and costs

IoT Enabled and Industry 4.0 Ready

Integrated IoT Module
Get real-time relevant data from Robot including cycle information, cycle times, production rate
Detect and diagnose issues remotely; conduct preventive maintenance checks to ensure robot health

Low Power Consumption

The effort expended is primarily to lift the payload and not self-weight of the arm
Low weight of arm reduces power consumption and enables battery operation aboard a vehicle

Lower Weight and better balance

Center of gravity is located close to the base of the arm allowing it to reach out without tipping over
Suitable for mobile platforms

Multiple Mounting Options

The arm can be mounted on a pedestal to service a cell, a floor gantry to service a line, or a vehicle to service an area

Simplified Cable Harness

Distributed Control Architecture that simplifies wiring in the Robot
Reduces the probability of wiring failure and increases overall reliability

Collision Detection

Auto-Detect collisions with sensor based technology
Ready for human-robot collaboration
Safety feature for user

Separate Teach and Operator Pendants

One Teach Pendant can be used to teach multiple robots
Simplified Operator pendant for ease of use
Emergency Control Safety Mechanism

One Platform, Many Applications

CNC Machine Tending

CNC machine tending refers to the process of loading of raw materials into the machine and unloading finished parts out of the machine. It is a repetitive task that can be dull and monotonous work for a human operator. The ASYSTR series is designed and built for such repetitive tasks. Not only does it free up human time for more value added tasks, it increases safety levels in facilities and improves productivity and throughput.

Handling Operations

Handling Operations involves picking and placing components or material for stamping/forging/bending, measurement, testing, packaging etc. It encompasses a wide variety of product movements on the shop floor. ASYSTR series is ideally suited for such pick and place operations.


Industrial palletizing refers to loading and unloading parts, boxes or other items to or from pallets. Automated palletizing refers to an industrial robot palletizer performing the application automatically. Palletizing can be seen in many industries including food processing, manufacturing, and shipping.


The ASYSTR series integrates with test equipment used for final inspection – feeding  parts to be checked, and classifying based on results. It can also be integrated with a vision system that enables it to perform industry level quality checks. It delivers products with reliability and robustness that meet high-quality standards.


Dispensing involves pouring liquid/sealant along the contours of an object using the robot. This provides for accuracy and reliability when compared to manual dispensing. The ASYSTR series has the ability to perform this application with great accuracy.

Enabling Automation Across Industries





Sheet Metal


Sensible Robotics for Industrial Automation


No of Axes: 6

Payload: Upto 12 kg
Reach: Upto 800 mm
Repeatability: 0.2 mm at tool tip

Payload: Upto 10 kg
Reach: Upto 1000 mm
Repeatability: 0.2 mm at tool tip

Payload: Upto 8 kg
Reach: Upto 1200 mm
Repeatability: 0.2 mm at tool tip

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No of Axes: 6

Payload: Upto 3 kg
Reach: Upto 600 mm
Repeatability: 0.2 mm at tool tip

Payload: Upto 2.5 kg
Reach: Upto 700 mm
Repeatability: 0.2 mm at tool tip

Payload: Upto 2.25 kg
Reach: Upto 800 mm
Repeatability: 0.2 mm at tool tip

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