Sensible Robotics

The new paradigm for Industrial Robotics

Sensible Robotics is an approach to design and manufacture industrial robotic arms, that lowers key adoption barriers for the shopfloor. By driving innovations that optimize running costs, defining usability that demands little from industrial robot operators, Sensible Robotics delivers a faster ROI and an robot that is future-ready.

Sensible Robotics

Faster Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Lower cost owing to optimized design and manufacture in India
  • Improved utilization through increased productivity
Graphical Interface on Teach Pendant
  • Allows for ease in teaching the robot using an Android 7” tablet as Teach pendant.
  • Graphical User Experience crafted to ensure quick learning for shopfloor operators.
  • No specialized programming skills required.
Separate Teach and Operator Pendants
  • One Teach Pendant can be used to teach multiple robots
  • Simplified Operator pendant for ease of use
  • Emergency Control Safety Mechanism
Collision Detection
  • Auto-Detect collisions with sensor based technology
  • Ready for human-robot collaboration
  • Safety feature for user
Simplified Cable Harness
  • Distributed Control Architecture that simplifies wiring in the Robot
  • Reduces the probability of wiring failure and increases overall reliability
IoT Enabled and Industry 4.0 Ready
  • Integrated IoT Module
  • Get real-time relevant data from Robot including cycle information, cycle times, production rate
  • Detect and diagnose issues remotely; conduct preventive maintenance checks to ensure robot health
Cycle Continuity Assurance
  • Resume cycle in case of power cuts
  • Faster recovery to points
  • Reduced cost with functionality of an absolute encoder at the price of incremental encoder
Quick Maintenance & Support
  • Made in India – Design & Manufacture with World Class Supply Chain
  • Most responsive support service in India
  • Shortened lead times to delivery
  • Remote Diagnosis & Support

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The ASYSTR 600 is our flagship product built on the principles of Sensible Robotics.

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