Platform designed
to maximize value

Built on the principles of Sensible Robotics, the ASYSTR C series is a single platform that allows for easy configuration to fit multiple applications and adapt to the Indian shopfloor.

A history of innovation

Our adaptable cobots are all the culmination of our experiences with building & deploying industrial robotics solutions in India for over 27 years. The ASYSTR C series is our 4th generation industrial robotic arm built on the principles of sensible robotics.

6 axis Hybrid industrial robot Based on our patented design, the robot combines the large working volume of a serial link arm with faster cycle times and lower power consumption of parallel link arms

6-axis articulated arm A conventional articulated arm designed and manufactured indigenously. It was first of its kind to have an IoT chip inbuilt as a standard making it industry 4.0 ready.

4-axis hybrid robot A 4-axis gantry style robot that combines the functionality of a conventional SCARA and a delta model.

Custom build Robots Design, manufacture and deployment of an underwater robotic arm, walking machine, animatronics doll, force sensing gripper and many other custom built robots for government and industrial organizations

Watch innovation in action with the ASYSTR Cobots

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