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We are a group of dynamic, creative and talented people at Systemantics. Our people are at the center of what makes us an innovative high-tech company, an Engineering hub for everything that is Industrial Robotics, and above all, a great place to work.

We take great pride in developing our own IP, crafting solutions that are futuristic and helping our clients reap the best results.

Besides enjoying intensely competitive “Darts” tournaments, going on excursions, and participating in marathons, we work hard to put in place all the right pieces for highly competitive industrial robots, equipped with the latest technology, and yet simple to use and providing great value for money. We are on a mission to be a truly global supplier of robots designed and manufactured in India that will transform shop floors across the world.

Explore our website. Learn more about who we are and what we do. Drop by for a coffee. Let’s have a chat to see how we can together create the right opportunities to leave a mark on the Industry. Look forward to working with you.

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On-the-job-training with high-performing teams

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What Our Engineers Say

This is an awesome place! Opportunity to learn here is immense and the potential to grow is never ending. Working hands on with engineering design which is my passion and being involved in the building of the product from design stage to practical assembly of our robots.
Systemantics is the best place to intern from if you are interested in Robotics. The exposure to most areas of Robotics is seen here and that’s always a plus point for an intern. We are taught how to be true professionals and we get hands-on experience in working with a physical robot here!
An open office, collaborating with managers and working directly under the CEO – these are some of the amazing perks of working here. I enjoy the myriad challenges I am given and I could not have asked for a better company to work with for my first-ever marketing job. Systemantics taught me how to stay organized and own up for tasks that I’m held responsible for.
I spent two weeks in the Systemantics office and knew right away, this is the place I wanted to be. Systemantics is focused on core robotics and I was exposed to a lot of knowledge here. There’s a lot of learning involved and there’s a very good growth curve when you work here. I will definitely recommend Systemantics to anyone who has a passion for robotics.
There are so many great things about working at Systemantics. Working there is a great opportunity to learn new skills and reinforce existing ones. When you are on a project they give you a perfect mix of supervision, collaboration and independence at work. I also value the working relations I have with the Systemantics employees; more than colleagues they are friends. Oh and the food served here is really good!

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Note: Basic requirement for employment as a member of the technical staff is an engineering degree and strong analytic skills.

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