4 Key Factors In Choosing The Right Applications For Your Robot


The challenge in adoption of robotics for your factory shopfloor operations is often not in knowing whether you need a robot or not, but choosing which applications are best suited for robotics based automation, so as to maximize returns.

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), robot sales have increased more than 45 percent in the last five years. More and more companies, across all industries, are looking to robotic solutions to increase manufacturing capacity, reduce costs, and improve worker safety. Today’s industrial robots are smarter, faster, adaptable, and collaborative. With the technology available today, robots can perform complex tasks with great precision and high repeatability. All of these new technologies make this an exciting time to be considering investments in industrial robots.

As you identify the right process in your manufacturing environment for adoption of robotics, be specific about the problem you want to solve and consider all of the cost reductions a robot can provide: minimizing waste, creating efficiencies, increasing production volume, improving safety or reducing labor costs. These cost reductions can serve as the basis for your return on investment criteria and will often be important factors in determining if a robot is right for your designated application.

Consider the following four key factors to choose the right robot for your shopfloor:


Historically, robots performed repeatable tasks and were fenced off. Today, robots can work safely around humans in a collaborative work environment. Robots equipped with spatial awareness keep workers safe and provide an open, flexible work cell. The new age of robotics includes having the “Cobot” feature, with the smartphone coming of age, what does that it mean for Robotics? Making it collaborative would mean integration, coworking with another human.

Latest Technology

In a technology driven world, it’s no surprise that every product needs it’s fair share of the latest technology. As days and months pass by, technology keeps getting better, what was the latest technology yesterday is no more the latest today, this is the trend observed with technology and development. The bottom line is technology doesn’t wait for you or the company. It is the developer’s responsibility to integrate and study what fits best with the robot and the applications involved. Some of the latest trends include cloud computing, remote monitoring and diagnostics, Industry 4.0 ready to name a few. This is the future for every robot to be built, with its core to have the latest technology.

Ease of use

We’re living in a world where simplicity is key, just like in the smartphone industry where there is a constant thrust to simplify the interface; industrial robots tend to get the image of being complex and hard to understand. There is a need to simplify the interaction with a robot. Teaching and operating the robot forms majority of interaction with the robot. This calls for a for an interface that is suitable for easy and intuitive communication. At Systemantics, after years of study and observation, we have employed an android app for teaching via a tab and a simple 3 button operator pendant to control the robot. This ensures declutter of items and reduces training time, cost for teaching and operation.


This is of utmost importance to the end user. At the end of the day, the user purchasing the robot is concerned about ROI. It is important for the manufacturer of the robot to take into account every single detailed component, test it for reliability, take into account the initial and running cost of each component in order to give the best return to the customer. A true test that makes a robot great is showing value for money, which includes all the critical components that go into the robot. Value for money has no replacement in the industrial robotics world or any other industry for that matter.

In Conclusion

At Systemantics, we indigenously design and manufacture industrial robotic arms that will enable widespread adoption of flexible automation. Our flagship products ASYSTR 600 and ASYSTR 400 are innovatively designed, industry 4.0 ready and are available at highly competitive price points. We are constantly driving to make robots that bring great value to the shopfloor with our innovations, technology and support.

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